Advanced note: Sorry for the long wait! I’ve been quite busy, um…thinking about doing things and watching Netflix. It takes up lot of time *shrugs* but what can you do? Hello and welcome back to 2016 Bookolympics hosted by JollytheGeek and Kitty Cat at the Library!!! Thank you, thank you. Just wanted to let you … More MG HUMOR!!!!!


The event MG MYSTERY has been CANCELLED! Partly because there were no nominations and I haven’t read many mystery books. But mostly because I have a coupon for B&N that expires on July 31st so I need to get all the events done really fast before it expires for the giveaway. XD Later awesome peeps!


Hi, and welcome back to the 2016 Bookolympics! Our first genre today is FANTASY! Because we all want that unicorn eating the flowers in the backyard to be real. Each book has a starting score of 50 points, but points are deducted for things like strange font, terrible covers, and a boring plot-line. There are … More MG FANTASY!